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Rolling out in selected areas on selected plans. Best overall Opel Easy Big Button 4.5 SOS emergency button Big physical buttons Charging cradle View on Mobileciti Read Review Best budget Nokia 225 4 Min Cost - $708 on direct debit, based on Sports HD bundle with iQ5. T-Mobile's pricesmake it easy to shop for a senior-friendly phone at a budget-friendly price point. Senior phone plans features 4G LTE & 5G data speeds: Since MVNOs operate on the big three cellular networks you'll pay less without sacrificing speed. Note that service providers may also offer deals on phones in order to incentivize signing up with the service or signing a contract. Earn points to put towards must-have devices, accessories and more. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants are turning to quick read (QR) codes or similar cell-phone-required technologies to provide contactless menus. While there are dozens of cell phones marketed towards senior consumers, very few of them are transparent about their features. The phone must have a GPS, however. Manages teams across Australia and Overseas to operate and provide network availability. Certain glass phones are more likely to break and need replacement, whereas a less expensive and more ergonomic option may be a better choice. We're actually listing two phones here - that's because HMD Global, which makes Nokia phones, actually sells different devices in different countries. GreatCalls Jitterbug Smart2 featuresa list-based menu with universal icons for easy navigation as well as voice typing for text messages. It can also charge wirelessly on its. The software is specially designed to be easy-to-use for seniors too, which is another point in its favor. Telstra Telstra Essential Pro 3 4GX Device total from $129 Telstra Telstra Essential 2 4GX Device total from $99 Telstra Telstra Lite 3 4GX Device total from $59 Telstra Telstra Smart 4 4GX Device total from $119 Samsung Galaxy A13 4G 4GX Device total from $299 Telstra Telstra Essential Smart 2.1 4GX Device total from $79 Telstra Telstra Flip 3 4GX Unlocked phones offer users a choice of carrier, which enables consumers to shop around for the best plan. iPad Mini by Apple. So if you think you need 5G, the Galaxy A32 could be a good choice - it has a big screen, lots of cameras and an attractive design too. Telstra mobile plans for seniors Optus mobile seniors plans and discounts Best mobile phones for seniors Foxtel and NBN packages VoIP phone on NBN Medi Alarms: your questions answered NBN speeds for seniors There are seven NBN speed tiers available but a good chunk of them will be excessive for seniors. Cell phones are necessary, daily use items. For people who tend to drop things, are on the road a lot or live, work or travel near places with a high risk of theft, its recommended that you purchase a phone protection plan with any smartphone. Compensation and in-depth editorial research determines where & how companies appear below. Also, weighing 8.6 ounces, which is a little over half a pound, some consumers may find the Snap ezTWO3G to be a bit heavy. BLU JOY is designed with a built-in SOS button that, once pressed, alerts emergency response, including the police, medical personnel, and firefighters. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is an affordable, solidly performing smartphone from a well-known company. 2022 Finder Retail Awards Best Rated Mobile Plan Provider amaysim won with a high score for value for money, great plan benefits and overall customer satisfaction beating 9 competitors. Regarding plans, BLU JOY comes with dual sim cards that enable users to take advantage of different voice and data plans. At Hear for Less, we proudly stock the Olitech EasyFlip 4G and a selection of Olitech accessories to make life even easier. Our suggestion? To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. For the first 12 months; $74/mth thereafter. Many smartphones have security features like thumbprint readers and passcodes. The iPhone 13 mini doesnt lose any of the functionality of the iPhone 13 and includes the same upgraded iOS features except for Cinematic Mode. From the refresh rate to the camera, this phone is capable of meeting all your smartphone and accessibility needs without breaking the bank. We pay our respects to the elders past and present. Only pick one of these if you think the user can manage it - or has a young kid on hand to set it up for them! Examining Mobile Technologies to Support Older Adults With Dementia Through the Lens of Personhood and Human Needs: Scoping Review. Older adults attitudes and barriers toward the use of mobile phones. Information provided on Forbes Health is for educational purposes only. Price: $149.99. A good smartphone will have an emergency feature, which allows the user to make phone calls, including 911, without the hassle of entering passwords or reading a fingerprint. Seniors with an iPhone can also benefit from the nearly seamless transition between an iPhone and iPad whenever they might want an even larger screen. Sure, it's a little pricier than some others on this list, and for most people the other options are definitely better. Older adults who want the best smartphone for seniors should look for factors like an abundance of senior-friendly features and consider important points like price, quality and the cell phone service providerall while avoiding long-term contracts. He graduated in American Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Its a simple, easy to use feature phone with all the basics need to keep in contact with family and friends, and a long-lasting battery to keep the connection going. This phone has very limited functionality, as it is designed just for phone calls and sending basic messages. One of the most notorious frauds towards the elderly is the grandparent scam, where scammers call and pretend to be the recipient's grandchild in need of money for an emergency. In addition to the standard plans, GreatCall offers customizable health and safety packagesfor a $20 discount on their phone plan. See the Jitterbug Flip2 here (opens in new tab). In our interview with David Payette, founder and president of both and, we discussed the relationship between smartphones and our society, as well as how senior citizens can get better acquainted with them. Through the GreatCall Link, a free app designed specifically for GreatCall phones, family and friends can stay updated on their loved ones activities. Some of these devices are only available on a plan, while others are available to purchase outright from Telstra. The display is uncluttered and well-integrated with Google apps and services, with guaranteed 3-year security and 2-year software updates. experienced journalists and medical experts, Easy-to-navigate menu and voice typing and video chat, Hight quality camera and powerful speaker, Includes brain games keep your mind active, Built-in Urgent Response button and a certified Urgent Response Agent to get you the help you need, 128 gigabytes of storage, expandable up to 512 gigabytes with a microSD card, Bright 90Hz display makes the screen easy to view, even in direct sunlight, Has all the necessities with a few extra perks, Distinctive style, from the software to the design, Fingerprint scanner makes it easy to unlock, Two models: 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of storage (no microSD expansion available), 5G speed means your voice and video calls are unlikely to be dropped, Camera comes with features like Night Mode, Live Focus and Single Take, Can buy for a reduced price if you have an eligible trade-in, Comes in a variety of colors to match any aesthetic preference, In-screen fingerprint scanner and Face ID makes it convenient for easy use, Longer battery life than previous iPhones, Pricing tier and trade-in system can help make the cost more affordable, Easily fits into a pocket and can be used one-handed, Around $100 less at every pricing tier than the iPhone 13, Attractive design, including a headphone jack and Google Assistant button, Bright and colorful display, but also has low screen resolution and refresh rates, Uses a Tensor processing chip specifically designed by Google for the Pixel, Excellent voice recognition and voice typing capabilities, Regular software updates keeps everything running smoothly. It can have a driver come and pick you up wherever you are without you even having to talk to anyone. See the Jitterbug Smart3 here (opens in new tab). (Opens in a new window) $859.99 (List Price $909.99) Google Pixel 7 5G 256GB Unlocked Phone (Obsidian . The features youll need depend on your vision, hearing, dexterity and more. Best Smartphones for Seniors of 2023 OnePlus Nord N10 5G 5.0 Price: $299.99 Screen size: 6.49 inches Battery life: 24 hours Buy Now On OnePlus's Website Why We Picked It Noteworthy Features. First, we provide paid placements to advertisers to present their offers. We also look at how many carriers service each cell phone. The same rule applies to the Jitterbug Flip as with the Jitterbug Smart2: it can only be activated under GreatCalls service. Cell phones intended for those aged 65+ usually have multiple security features, the main one being an emergency or SOS button that the user can press if they need help. During our research, we learned about the power of advertising. Factoring in the discount, these are the plans available to seniors: $10.79 per month with 1GB. This type of cell phone can be thought of as a mini-computer, as it has dozens of computing abilities, including internet access, video calls, note-taking, GPS navigation, and artificial intelligence features. Griffiths, who offers over-the-phone therapy for individuals with anxiety and depression, has provided services to over 200 elderly clients, those in whom, with cell phones, could contact her while away from home or on the go. To get started, simply click the relevant tile above. A basic camera can help seniors share with their family and friends as well. We independently review and compare Telstra Flip against 22 other mobile phones for seniors products from 25 brands to help you choose the best. Our website services, content and products are for informational purposes only. On top of all that, its affordable. Some cell phones have medical alert systems with built-in GPS technology, which could be helpful for people who are likely to require medical help or are at risk of accidents of any kind. If you choose to click on the links on our site, we may receive compensation. Flip phones usually have big, brightly-colored displays, long-lasting batteries, bigger buttons, and a simple menu. We break it all down for you. Being able to communicate easily keeps people in touch with their family and friends, and the following device scan do just that. In this guide. Join Telstra Plus and get rewarded when you make an eligible payment on your services. Telstra is Australia's largest telecommunications provider, and while it does offer phones from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG, it's also got a range of its "own" branded handsets to pick from. Jitterbug Flip2 - Easiest Overall Phone. Some phones for seniors have useful extra features like a one-touch SOS button to contact emergency services. See the Nokia G10 here (opens in new tab) When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Lastly, we look for any cancellation fees that customers may incur if they decide to opt-out of their phone plan. Do cell phone companies offer senior discounts? Plus, its a durable little phone, so the occasional drop shouldnt be much of a worry. The mind must be stimulated and exercised just as much as muscles. Second, we also include links to advertisers offers in some of our articles; these affiliate links may generate income for our site when you click on them. According to a recent study, only 42% of consumers in the U.S. over 65 years of age own a smartphone. Nokia 225 4G. Another common cell phone scam that targets older customers is the social security scam, where people have received robocalls stressing their social security number has been stolen. She is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and a functional medicine certified health coach. If you've got this far down onto the list, you might be unsure as to whether you should get a phone designed specially for seniors, or a standard consumer device above. Telstra. Then, we verified if the cell phone came with any special senior plans, which tend to have a lower price or discount. The latest mobile devices include new 5G-enabled phones and handsets including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, as well as devices from Motorola, OPPO, Google, and more. Network Manager Responsible for operating Telstra's Fixed and Mobile Connectivity. Flip and bar phones are almost always cheaper and have greater battery capacity, given their relative lack of battery-draining features. For example, as the name implies, Sprints Unlimited 55+, T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+, or Verizons 65 Plus Plan, and others have age minimums to apply. The current list of available devices includes: Samsung Galaxy A21s Samsung Galaxy A41 Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G The phone can receive up to a days worth of power within just 30 minutes. An Australian company has launched a new smartphone made for seniors, called the BigPurplePhone. Contact Hear for Less to order phones for seniors. BLU JOYs large keypad and easy-to-use navigation make it ideal for senior citizens. 8GB per month with unlimited calls and text to standard . Are you looking to buy a mobile on a plan or outright? Samsung Galaxy S23 256GB Phone With $50 Gift Card. Add up to 5 Bundle Plans for use with extra phones or tablets. As a Principal I ensure that creative strategy and innovative thinking take our . The Jitterbug Flip is the basic, flip phone version of the Jitterbug Smart2. How old do I have to be to purchase a senior phone? As a Principal Consultant and Dual Capability Lead I play an essential role in creating world-class digital products and experiences for our commercial partners. Weighing only 1.12 ounces, its very lightweight and includes a few entertainment features that arent normally available in basic cell phones such as built-in FM radio, MP3 and MP4 players, and a camera that allows recordings of short video clips in addition to photos. New and upgraded cameras take well-lit photos full of details, and there are plenty of camera modes and tools to help you take the best photo in any setting. I also generate new leads and build relationships, connecting over the phone or through in-store workshops and events. How are senior cellphones different from regular cellphones? See the Nokia G11 here (opens in new tab). Add to compare list Add to wishlist. This is a big phone with a headphone jack, big battery, lots of modern features and also an emergency communications button on the back. 74.04g. Samsung Galaxy A21s: from $349. As a Business Sales Representative, I introduce Telstra Business solutions, technology, and services to business customers. Any reference in this website to third party trademarks is to identify the corresponding third party goods and/or services. In this Project, we propose the design of a Cloud-based, novel Mobile social TV system (CloudMoV). This also allows travelers to have both a domestic and international carrier, avoiding roaming charges. Because of this, many of these cell phones feature larger buttons, an emergency alert to quickly call medical services, hands-free operation, and simpler controls than an average cell phone. This eliminates the step of calling 911, which can be beneficial for individuals who suffer from slow or limited hand mobility, such as with arthritis. Nonetheless, a basic phone may feel like a more natural fit for you. The 20 best Mobile Phones in 2023 ranked based on 25,219 reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Hide filters Show filters Filter One of the major appeals of this smartphone is its Warp Charge accelerated charging time. Cell phones are everyday items and, in the case of an issue or malfunction, it is essential for companies to be able to provide answers and alternatives. Great durability and water resistance make this a phone that can handle the wear and tear of life, but it may not be the best choice if youre on a tight budget. We enjoy and need to share with other people. Finally, health monitoring is a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to monitor their vital signs and other aspects of their body. Rolling out in selected areas on selected plans. Questions about mobiles? Cell phones for seniors are available in different styles: flip phones, smartphones, bar phones, and tablet-phones. Telstra Health - Finance Analyst 1800RESPECT. From July, Telstra's cheapest postpaid SIM plan will be its Basic option, which is priced at $58 per month for 40GB of fast data. . Alena is a professional writer, editor and manager with a lifelong passion for helping others live well. Where basic phones offer the most simple features, including calling and texting, smartphones also connect to the internet and use data to download and access a variety of applications, or apps, from social media to online banking. Nov 2022 - Present3 months. Our operations are now carbon neutral, and we aim to enable 100% renewable energy generation equivalent to our consumption by 2025. Filter by: Clear All. Carriers of this phone include SnapMobile, AT&T, and T-Mobile, and customers can choose to keep their original phone number. Do I have to be a certain age to have a senior phone and plan? Should You Consider a Basic Phone or a Smartphone? Generally, the best phones for seniors will have large buttons, a large bright display for easy viewing, wireless chargingmeaning no fumbling with cablesand long battery life. See the Doro 7030 here (opens in new tab). Perth, Australia. Here is our roundup of the easiest cell phones for seniors in 2023: 1. In the case of an emergency, customers can press and hold the button which immediately contacts emergency personnel as well as family and friends. The industry for cell phones for seniors is varied and flexible. Get the help you need without the wait. Finder's digital asset trading is powered by Finder Wallet Pty Ltd (ABN 11 149 012 653 . Featuring the classic candybar design of older Nokia phones, the Nokia 225 4G is an excellent senior phone option for anyone looking for a more traditional phone design. For the seniors buying this smartphone, an iPhone SE 2020 case is advisable, to bring extra protection to the phone and provide some useful benefits like somewhere to store cards. This comes with unlimited data,. To protect your account youll be signed out in Cell phones labeled as senior cell phones are designed to be easily used by anyone who has trouble using a regular cellphone due to mobility, eyesight, or cognitive difficulties. For people who don't use their phone too heavily but still need some data, this plan would be a great option. Many or all of the companies below compensate us. Were keeping your details safe. Instead, focus on short-term contracts or pay-as-you-go (prepaid) options, and be sure to understand the commitment. Below is a selection of phones available on a plan through Telstra. Given how much older people depend on their phones, strong customer support and a solid consumer rating are highly important. We started by analyzing the specifications of each cell phone, identifying their design, whether traditional or contemporary smartphone, size, and weight. With larger keypads and simple displays making them easy to use, many senior mobile phones are tough and long-lasting as well. The flip phone has software that's easy to use and navigate with, and really big buttons too, so it'll be really handy for certain users, but it also has Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice for loads of functions. In fact, keeping a phone continuously plugged in can wear out its battery, so take phones off chargers when full to improve their lifespan. Cons. Perhaps you just want a SIM? For this, many online customer reviews stated that its helpful for seniors and individuals with impaired vision. Are its discounts any better than its usual offers? Since senior citizens are more likely to be retired or living off of partial income, we favored providers that offered discounts and deals for senior customers. Other versions of this page are available with specific content for the following regions: TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The large buttons and easy interface make using the phone simple, keeping their lives simple. Instead of stripping away features to be more simplistic and easy to use, the smartphones below are typical iPhone and Android releases. Summary Select These emergency buttons can be used to call for help easily and can be a great feature for seniors prone to (or at a higher risk of) falls or accidents. Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone (KX-TGE210B) - Easy to Operate. One of them is cost and coverage. This is where cell phones for seniors come in. The Jitterbug Smart2 is priced at $149.99 by GreatCall, a senior-focused carrier that runs on the Verizon network, but consumers can find it for less at Walmart, Amazon, and BestBuy. It has a great camera and technical performance, all at an affordable price point. Think twice before paying any more than $100 for a simple or senior mobile without 4G support. Try both styles in an electronics store near you to determine whether one feels easier to use than the other. VTech CS6719-2 - Budget Option. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Southern Phone's NBN bundles are on a 24-month contract. As with all Nokia phones, these are fairly affordable, which is another point in their favor. Best Mobile Phones for Seniors in Australia A straightforward round-up of the best feature phones and smartphones to consider for older adults, including those with accessibility needs. $ 59 /mth. She brings more than a decade of media experience to Forbes Health, with a keen focus on building content strategy, ensuring top content quality and empowering readers to make the best health and wellness decisions for themselves. Our favorite prepaid phone for seniors. Consider: One way many phone providers gain long-term customers and increase business is via long-term contracts. If you like to use your smartphone to catch up on the news or the next chapter of your book, you can use the special Reading Mode to turn your display monochrome, making it function exactly like an e-reader. height: 0; $17.99 per month with 10GB. Prepaid plans nowadays are very affordable. 5 minutes and 00 seconds. There are other security measures available as well such as heart rate and oxygen monitors, and, for those with memory impairment or who might be at risk of getting lost, some offer a geo-fencing option, which can alert caretakers if the user leaves a pre-established perimeter. Some might find the mobile too big, and that's totally fair, as it's one of the biggest on this list - while that makes the screen easy to see, it could be less comfortable to hold or put in a pocket as a result. The BigPurplePhone is specifically designed for older people struggling with technology, and its creators ( James and Libby Henderson) say it's simple enough to be used by dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers. Forbes Health adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. Its screen quality, camera and design would seem outdated now, but unless the senior you're buying a phone for keeps up to date with the latest tech, they won't mind. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). We know that scammers will go the extra mile to deceive consumers out of their money. Best overall cell phone plan for seniors. Consumers can find BLU JOY at Walmart for as low as $24.99 and at BestBuy for $29.99. This connectivity is especially useful in the case of an emergency. Read on to see our top picks. #1 Apple iPhone 14 128GB Most modern smartphones have high-quality cameras. A tech-savvy senior might find the iPhone SE (2020) a great choice - sure, there's a 2022, but that has 5G, loads of processing power and a higher price, and a senior needs none of that. Sure, it's a little pricier than your standard flip phone - that's what those extra features will cost you - but it'll be more useful thanks to its extra tools. The catch? For starters, Tracfone offers a plan with 500 minutes, 500 messages, and 500 MB of data for $15 per month. With Opel Mobile, you'll get all the functionality you expect from an easy to use phone, with thoughtful inclusions like big buttons and SOS to name a few. Note: Prices are accurate as of the publication date. Technologies : Unix, C, Oracle, VB. 4.8 / 5. 1GB per month with unlimited calls and text to standard Australian numbers: $9.89 per month ($0 for first month) - usually $10.99 per month. Since the phone is made by Google, its fully integrated with all of Googles services, apps and other products, making it a no-brainer and affordable option if you already use Google services every day. To find out more about how we make money and our editorial process,click here. The iPhone SE (2020) is a wonderful option for the more technologically adept senior who likes their Apple tech without excessive weight or an onerous . Flip phones are the next step up, as they run very similarly, but there are also a few modern ones with 4G and various apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

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