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Lady’s Menu

Classic Manicure

Nail trimming, shaping and cuticle treatment. Followed by a relaxing mini hand massage and finished with nails buffed or polished to perfection.

Deluxe Manicure
$20 Up

Go beyond a basic manicure and indulge yourself. Includes nail trimming, shaping and cuticle treatment. Your hands are exfoliated with crystal rocks and topped with a mask and warm towels to finish off.

Milk Rose Manicure

Beyond a basic manicure and indulge yourself. Includes nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle treatment. Your hands are then exfoliated with our milk and honey sin polisher packed with rich sugar cane extracts and soft jojoba microbeads to gently remove dead skin cells. We will then apply a paraffin wax and mask to gently treat your cuticles. Rinse off with a moisturizing milk bath for a wonderfully hydrating experience, finished with a relaxing 10-minute hand massage with nails buffed or polished to perfection.

Aloe Vera Manicure

This specialized manicure is designed to leave your hands feeling soft and rejuvenated through the magical healing properties of aloe vera. Aloe Vera is used to helping in relieving arthritis pain, improving blood circulation reducing scarring and has anti-inflammatory properties. The manicure consists of an Aloe Vera soak, your hands are then exploited with all-natural Aloe Vera product. Next, you will receive a paraffin wax and mask to treat your cuticles. And lastly, we will finish your treatment off with a 10 minute Aloe Vera massage from one of our trained professionals.

Classic Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure
$35 Up
Nail Art Extra
$5 Up
French Polish
$5 Extra
Buff Shine
$5 Extra
Polish Change on Hand
$8 Up
Polish Change on Feet
$10 Up

Kid’s Menu

Mani/ Pedi Combo

Gentlemen's Menu

Classic Manicure
Classic Pedicure

Additions Services

Shellac (Gel Color)…We Guarantee It will last for two weeks, and We have over 300 colors for you to choose from as well!
Manicure Shellac
$25 Up

(Includes: Nail trimming shaping and cuticle treatment followed by a relaxing hand massage and finished with your favored shellac color.)

French Manicure Shellac
Take-off Shellac
$5 Extra
Extra Shellac on any service

Nails and more… We have more than 200 color powders for you to choose from.

White, Pear and clear tip solar full set
Solar Refill
Solar Pink & White Full Set
Solar Pink & White Refill
Dipping color power full set
Dipping french power full set
Color powder full set
Color powder refill
Soak-off only
Cut down
Nails repair
$3 Up
Long nail
$5 Extra


All massage is timed with a timer.
Classic Pedicure 35 Mins

(Includes: nail trimming, shaping, and cuticle treatment. Followed by a relaxing 10 min massage and finished with nails buffed or polish to perfection.)

Deluxe Pedicure 45 Mins

(Includes: nail trimming, shaping, salt scrub, and callus treatment. You can choose between mask and paraffin wax then followed by a relaxing 10 min massage. Finished with your favorite nail polish.)
Lemon Drop Pedicure (with paraffin wax): 45 Min/$35 An infusion of citrus bath salts and oils with freshly sliced lemons and limes create the ultimate zing experience. The crystalline citric scrub reawakens the skin and reduces the visual sign of aging. This treatment is also said to promote healthy sleep, owing to its relaxing action on the foot nerves.
Lavender Essence Pedicure (with mask ): 45 Min/$35 Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath of lavender. While your skin is buffed with a lavender sea salt scrub. To soften and plump your, delight in a lavender hydrating mask enhanced with steaming towels. Just say ahh!
Vanilla Latte Pedicure (with mask): 45 Min/ $35 This is the soak of milk and honey – with hints of vanilla. Following the soak, your feet take pleasure in an exfoliating vanilla salt scrub. Enjoy a luxurious honey almond mask wrapped in a hot towel. Finishing the massage with warm lotion.
Coconut Milk Pedicure (with paraffin wax): 45 Min/$35 Submerge into a moisturizing bath of soothing warm coconut milk. After your feet are perfectly pedicured a luxurious experience awaits. Coconut creme foot and leg massage is heavenly, topped off with a warm paraffin treatment. Ladies, this will leave your feet feeling nourished.
Sweet Pumpkin Spice Pedicure (with mask): 45 Min/$35 Slip your restless soles into a sweet and calming getaway. A fizzing pumpkin and marshmallow soak makes your feet feel warm and cozy. Allow the vitamin A and beta carotene from the pumpkin scrub and mask to purify and tone your legs. Your achy feet are then treated to a warm pumpkin dip with warm booties. You’ll have the sexiest legs in town when this is done.
Cooling Cucumber Pedicure (with paraffin wax): 45/$35 this is one of our most popular pedicures. Intensive callus refining treatment is our main focus. So relax with a cool cucumber slough that softens rough areas at the heels and balls of your feet. Finally, a mint softening lotion with a white blossom paraffin dip leaves your feet ready for those silk sheets.

Premium Pedicure 50 mins

(Includes: nail trimming, shaping, salt scrub, and callus treatment. You will receive both the paraffin wax as well as the mask. You finish off your treatment with a 10 minutes massage and the color of your choice.)
Mommy To Be Pedicure: 50 Min/ $40 An essential oil of grapefruit with fresh juicy slices of lemon and orange goes a long way in relieving swelling. Then, to aid circulation and give you an energy boost, a cooling organic ice mask and a warm towel wrap work their magic. A delicious paraffin treatment. A little blissful smoothing following by an orange cooling gel clears your senses and renews your spirit.
Tropical Spa Pedicure: 50 Min/ $40 Mango or coconut foot soak to detoxify. Then a papaya exfoliation to the knee: Followed with a tropical mask and steaming towel wrap. Paraffin wax to help hydrate dry skin and ease sore muscle, finish with a soothing massage and moisturize with papaya and green tea lotion.
Peppermint Sea Breeze Pedicure: 50 Min/$40 For the ultimate indulgence, ease your feet into a bath rich with tea tree oil, fragrant eucalyptus oil, and vitamin E – all anti-inflammatory. Then enjoy a scrub of mineral sea salt that polishes the skin. Stirring the senses, hot towels envelop a sea masque containing hydrating sea extracts, an intensive heel smoothing treatment with a cucumber cream soothes and refreshes like a gentle breeze keeping feet cool and soft for hours. Your feet will indulge in a warm paraffin treatment.

Luxurious Pedicure 1 Hour

(Includes: nail trimming, shaping, salt scrub, and callus treatment. You receive the paraffin wax, a mask, a 15 minutes hot stone massage. Finish off with your favorite nail color.)
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pedicure: 1 Hour/$45 Your feet take pleasure in a glorious chocolate Milky Way bath. Followed by soothing whipped cream and strawberries to exfoliate and hot stone massage smooth your skin. Then, a final touch of relaxation with a warm chocolate mask wrapped in hot towels and a sweet chocolate drop massage.
Herbal Green Tea Therapy Pedicure: 1 Hour/$45 A foot bath in anti-oxidant green tea and herbal leaf start this special service. The feet are then treated to an exfoliating Dead Sea salt glow scrub and a luxurious massage with hydrating lotion. After the massage, a layer of Shea butter is applied the feet emerge they with be extra soft and young looking. Hot stone with a message around your calf.
The Rock Pedicure For Men: 1 Hour/$45 Created just for mem who want to experience the ultimate in relaxation while enjoying a good cold beer or sipping a glass of wine. A green tea soak and callus smoothing treatment come before a peppermint salt scrub. Nails are detailed and buffed. Polish off your libation during a warm stone massage with a house blend of hot oils. Finish with paraffin wax to help hydrate dry skin and ease sore muscles.
Dead Sea Royal Pedicure: 50 Mins /$55 (Includes: A salt scrub, Body Mud, Salt and Oil Scrub, Body butter, and finishes off with Foot cream. Includes nail trimming, shaping, callus treatment, and a 20-minute massage on your legs and neck.)

Red Carpet Pedicure 1 Hour

(Includes face mask). Items used are organic in this pedicure (includes: nail trimming, shaping, salt scrub, callus treatment, mask paraffin wax, and 20 min hot stone massage on your legs and neck)
Aloe Vera Pedicure: 1 Hour/$65 One of the world best natural minerals, Aloe Vera, has multiple healing properties which have been used for centuries. Designed to moisturize, revitalize and naturally hydrate the skin. Aloe Vera has been known as an intensive but gentle conditioner. This natural pedicure is full of vitamin E. This pedicure consists of an aroma foot soak followed by nail cut down, shaping and cuticle attention and then an Aloe Vera massage. A warm paraffin and mask treatment seals in moisture and provides complete hydration, leaving you renewed, soften with silky – smooth skin.
Milk Rose Pedicure: 1 Hour/$65 Combine the essentials your feet need with the pampering you desire. Relax, unwind and slip away with a calming milk bath. This is the perfect solution for dry, dehydrated feet. Allow your toes and legs to release tension and feel soothed in a soft bath of rose petals and essential milk. In addition, feet are treated with soothing milk paraffin and mask to remove impurities leaving you with silky smooth skin. Treatment is concluded with stress relief and calming massage with basalt rocks and polish application.